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I buy used passports Britain (England) along with selfies and old bills housing and utilities.

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Telegram https://t.me/rockybalqboa
Mail rockybalqboa@gmail.com
Skype rockybalqboa
Icq 628882622
I buy used passports Britain (England) along with selfies and old bills housing and utilities.
I buy no more than 10 sets within two weeks, two weeks pass and i again buy up to 10 sets and so on in circle.
You can sell me 1 set per day, or you can sell me 10 sets at once and wait two weeks to sell me another batch.
For each used set i pay $ 4, for 10 sets i pay $ 40.

Package contents: passport + selfie with passport + old bill  housing and utilities(without the old bill housing and utilities i will not buy a set).
I even buy kits with expired dates.

Each bill housing and utilities must contain the name and surname and address residence, please note that each bill must contain different places residence: there are such scammers who add one bill ousing and utilities into all sets and only change the name and surname there, and the address residence remains the same one on all other bills, this will not work, i will personally check that you don’t slip me such fake, the places residence on each bill should be different.
Passports only in the background, cropped passports at the edges are not accepted. Also, cropped passports are not accepted for selfies in person's hand, full passport must be visible in the person's hands.
The series (or number) on the passport above and below on the right should be visible, if there is no series or it is poorly visible, then i will not buy such kit.

Purchase procedure: show me old bill housing and utilities,selfie and passport and paint over all important data (including the lower two-line code), leave only the series at the top and bottom on the right on the selfie and on the passport.
if the quality suits me, then i buy set, pay money in advance and then receive the originals from you, if the quality does not suit me, then i don’t buy and then you show me another set.

Payment paypal,qiwi, yandex money, webmoney(i pay only on the wallet R and P,i do not pay on the wallet Z), to the card  the sberbank the russian federation, to the card ukraine, to foreign bank card.
I draw your attention to the fact that if i pay you to card Ukraine or to foreign card, then the system will charge tax in the form $ 1,
I will deduct this 1 dollar from the official cost,
exactly 1 dollar is deducted regardless of whether i pay for one set at once or i pay immediately for 10 sets,
that is, the commission is always exactly 1 dollar, whatever the amount sending would be on the total.

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