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Ransomware 2022

btc ransomware hacking hacking tools

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Application for pentesting, confidential data securing and transporting employing insecure means.
Never had a single bad review or arbitration opened.


-Works in the form of a builder to create an small worker application that performs all the job.
-OS compatible from Windows XP to Windows 11. Server from Server 2008 and up.
-Not possible to decrypt algorithm (RSA 4096).
-You can create any number of new encryption keys and old ones are always saved.
-Shadow copies and recycle bin erased.
-Databases processes terminated as well as optional generic memory cleaner available.
-Two main modes of operation (many more available). Static for decoding many PC's with a single decryptor or dynamic to decode each PC individually.
-Can work in user or elevated mode.
-UAC bypass.
-Files to be secured can be selected by size, extension or you can simply encode all files (automatically bypassing important OS files).
-NAS, QNAP, Synology, Hyper-V.
-Webdav, DFS, local homegroup, local shares.
-Files uploader which can select files by extension and size.
-Automatic enabling of Network discovery, file sharing, SMB1 enabling, Linked connections.
-Multi-threading and IOCP which assures fast data processing.
-Entire LAN securing is possible by detecting remote resources and tool self-replication to all PC's in the LAN if remote execution is allowed.
-Fast files cataloging by means of master file table direct access.
-Processing files in memory and not as temporary files is optional.
-Multiple tools for debugging results, which include: process log, debug log, real time console report.
-Recovery note is fully customizable (file name, content, location to drop) with relevant data both in text as well as in html format, at windows logon or at boot time. Even windows logon password can
be changed.
-Enhanced notifications. Includes, taskbar icon notification of process finished, Windows logon recovery note shown.
-Encoding in safe mode possible for non UEFI OS.
-KeyID recovery even if all recovery notes deliberately erased.
-Explorer Impersonation.
-Active Directory Scanning.
-Glueing to another native 32 bit application.
-Recovery note can be loaded from template.
-Worker application can be set to persist, melt, activate at later time or expire at certain date.
-Support for command line mode and drag&drop. Command line accepts both local and UNC paths.
-Automatic obfuscation of the outputs.
-Worker application includes anti-sniffers technology.
-Target files can be renamed to any custom, random or even a unique hardware ID added extension.
-Partial, full encoding or bands mode with customizable bands size is also possible.
-Decoder includes a configuration file to automatically set parameters and in static mode, decoder created is completely automatically setup; only need to copy and run. However decoder can be configured
manually for specific local or UNC paths.
-Worker application can automatically change target files access permission.
-Worker application includes a configuration file in text format that can be edited to change behavior on the fly including: Adding of new network paths, enabling/disabling network mode, debug log, console, Explorer impersonator, etc.
-Worker application will skip zero bytes files and will process read only and hidden files if they don't belong to the OS.
-Files with downloaded from internet flag active are also processed.
-A web report pack and decryption test web pack are available.
-Wallpaper changer included.
-Can skip C: drive.
-Process Databases extensions first option.
-Decoder app includes a configuration file that can be used to automatically set and lock parameters or change behavior. Even network paths can be added to be processed along with the local machine.
-Builder includes contextual extensive help for every feature.
-Dozens of tutorials videos available.
-Tech document and user's manual available.
-Requires .NET 4 and works from Windows XP and up.

The tools has been analyzed and there are lots and lots of articles by experts on the field


6 month 4000 USD, 1 year 8000 USD. Permanent 12k USD. Payment in monero or btc. Activation on the same day. Includes video tutorials, user guide, tools, technical documentation. Free support on an ongoing basis.

Tox: 2BA764015F4F00641974BDA34F8977E51450120F531D70C86443A13F71DB2700FA9AA5AB652A
Telegram: @dastemisop
Jabber: support24@thesecure.biz

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