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So how can we start doing this method for ourselfs?

First things first... you have to follow this PDF tutorial below


This is about an exploit which allows you to get any digital item completely for free. You will pay for the product, but the money gets immediatelly sent back to your wallet because of some kind of bug (I'm not that technical so can't explain but everything is in the pdf)

How did i make $13,000 so quickly? (You can make much more btw... just depends on your funds)

The store which we are abusing (g2a) has a limit of 10 purchases per IP address. You will need to change your IP address after your 10th purchase.

If you have $300 in Bitcoin to pay for at least three $100 giftcard for Amazon or Steam for example - u can use this exploit to get it and then sell it instantly for real money on Paxful. They pay around 75% for every giftcard. It's basically a free 297$ in 60 minutes because of the blockchain confirmations and stuff... and it's also a free $297 daily if u just have $297 in Bitcoin which u don't even lose! (you only lose a few cents cuz of transaction fees)

So let's make calculations:

if u have just $100 in Bitcoin to pay for 1 giftcard twice per day (cuz of g2a limit of purchases) you can get 2x $100 giftcards daily and exchange them for real money on Paxful = $150 profit

if u have $1000 in Bitcoin to pay for 10x giftcards twice per day (the best and most profitable option) you can have 20x $100 giftcards daily and exchange them for real money on Paxful = $1500 profit PER DAY.

This method is absolutely huge and 100% gonna get patched. It works as of today 12/5/2022 but u never know when it gets patched. Just make as much as u can before it's gone boys.

If u need any help with this method, just DM me here. I'm using it since 2 days.

btw guys, u can also sometimes find $500 giftcards on g2a. I found one of those but looks like they are all gone now (probably cuz of this method). Now I only see $100 left, but if u are lucky u can find bigger amounts and make even more daily.

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